Who We Are & How We Can Bring You to Florence!

What is AIFS?
Founded in 1964, the American Institute for Foreign Study is one of the oldest, largest and most respected cultural exchange organizations in the world. AIFS partners with schools throughout the world to create meaningful and accessible foreign study experiences for people who endeavor to learn and enrich their personal experiences. The professional and knowledgeable staff of AIFS are integral to a successful live-study abroad experience.

What is NCSAC?
The Northern California Study Abroad Consortium works with AIFS and the College of San Mateo, Cosumnes River College, Diablo Valley College, and Santa Rosa Junior College to provide unique college or general life learning experiences.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?
The AIFS / NCSAC partnership prides itself in providing affordable and high caliber learning opportunities for adults young and old. While the program is highly popular with college students, it also appeals to people who have already completed college and seek the unique experience of living and learning abroad. Florence, Italy has something to offer people of all ages and all interests.

Participants are not required to have any background in Italian language (though this is highly recommended), nor are they required to be students at the participating schools prior to registering for the Spring 2011 semester. Eligible participants will meet the following requirements:

• must be 18 years of age
• must have completed 12 units of college credit at some point prior to Spring 2011
• must have a 2.25 GPA prior to the Spring 2011 semester

All participants must enroll in a full-time schedule for Spring 2011. The Italian Life & Culture class is required of all students. The remaining three classes can be selected from any of the semester’s offerings (see class descriptions below).

Have questions or want more information?
Visit http://www.aifspartnerships.com/ncsac/
Or contact the DVC Study Abroad Coordinator: Harue Takanashi, 925.685.1230, ext. 2735 e-mail: htakanashi@4cd.net

Applications are available at the AIFS website: LINK
Early registration is highly recommended and benefits the applicant.